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frosty berries

by practicewithdanielle
Three layers of chocolate with low sugar and gluten free recipe with frosty berries

Today friends, we eat cake. 

Well actually I’ve been eating cake all week. I need more local friends to pawn this cake off to.

Seriously take this cake away from me.

  Three layers of chocolate with low sugar and gluten free recipe

I’m sharing a recipe and a technique that will impress your most bougie friends.  You’re gunna wanna to turn your images on for this one.

If you want to tell someone you love them for the first time…make them this cake.

If you want to ask someone to watch your kids for two weeks….make them this cake.

If you’re having Ina Garten over for dinner and want to impress her…make her this cake.

And also call me because I want to meet her.

The recipe you can find on Half Baked Harvest. It’s low sugar, and a lot of people are doing that now because “new year new you” (I hate that phrase by the way). This cake is also gluten-free and requires NO BAKING.

It’s actually a great cake for the summer but fuck that because I’M HUNGRY NOW.

Alone, the components of the cake were a little meh. But together… WOW. This is a showstopper.

And you don’t have that “I just ate 5,000 calories” feeling in your gut like after a trip to the cheesecake factory.

And it’s so fucking pretty!!

Beautifully designed and delicious yet healthy triple chocolate cake dessert

Wait, are those blueberries and blackberries? Um they sure are.

Are they made to look all frosty? SURE ARE.

You can put these frosted little babies on anything you want to fancy up. Oatmeal, smoothie bowls, yogurt, cakes, a classy-ass cocktail – the list goes on!

Here’s what you do for frosty berries:

  1. Take your berry (rasp, bloob, black, mulb, etc)

  2. Stick them in the freezer for an hour on a tray or plate

  3. Take them out and blow air on them

  4. Watch them frost before your eyes

You are now officially the fanciest friend at the next bake-off.


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