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hips don’t lie

by practicewithdanielle

I’ve been practicing yoga for nearly six years now. You’d think I’d be limber AF.

Maybe I’m more flexible than some, but putting my foot behind my head is probably never something I’ll be able to do.

Should anyone do this?

It’s easy to get caught up looking at photos of “yoga celebrities” (gross) and aspire to be like them. I used to work so hard to get into a pose that hurt like hell because it looked pretty.

Which is silly.

Because what does putting your foot behind your head get you? A few thousand likes, sure.

But can you move better?
Can you heal from injuries?
Does your body feel good when you wake up? When you exercise?
Can you get off the couch without saying “uffda”?

I got to this point where I asked myself – am really any more mobile/flexible than when I first started?

IDK…maybe? I don’t have any crazy before and after photos to show for it.

This past year I’ve looked outside the yoga world to start helping with things that “yoga” alone couldn’t do.

Like back pain. And tightness in my hips. And joint mobility. And I’ve been incorporating this knowledge into my classes and my own practice.

So, I’m putting together a workshop completely focused on hip mobility and strength.

Hips Don’t Lie.

The workshop will be structured in a way where people will walk away with lots of new information. I’ve been to workshops where they are basically a really long class. Fun, but I just don’t find that much value out of it.

I want you to take this info and practice at home. Specifically,  exercises you can do from anywhere and incorporate it into any kind of home practice you have. And if you’re a teacher – things that are easy to teach to others.

There are already people signed up for this workshop, which, is super rad. I kind of can’t wait for this day to get here already.

You can sign up here if you live (or travel) near Boulder.

Not only do I want people to get a lot out of our 2 hours together, but I want them to go home with something, so they can practice and feel like they are set up for success even after we leave each other.

Originally I was going to put together some sort of worksheet but now I want to create an online version of this workshop and offer it up to people who aren’t local.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?


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