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i can’t go out, i’m sick

by practicewithdanielle

All winter long I’ve been bragging about not needing the flu shot/I don’t get the flu/I have the strongest immune system ever.

You see where this is going.

This isn’t your basic ennui, I kept the house up with my coughing all night.

My dog won’t even look at me today.

When you’re sick it’s hard to do anything. It’s easy to give up on all aspects of taking care of ourselves when the bed is so close and inviting.

Today I mustered up the strength for restorative yoga. I didn’t go to class because I respect other people’s immune systems more than my own.

I used to think of yoga as just another way to burn calories. Then I was introduced to restorative yoga.

It changed me. 

There are a lot of scientific reasons restorative is good for you but that’s not why I do it:

  1. It can be like meditating for 60 minutes. And in a comfortable position.

  2. You feel limber afterwards, but not like you just pulled your muscles in all directions

  3. It’s deeply relaxing and leaves you with a floaty feeling after class (ya, I said floaty)

  4. You get lots of feel good hands on adjustments (if you have a teacher like me 🙂

girl in a restorative yoga child's pose on the floor in front of a window

It’s easy to do a pose like this at home.

Set up for child’s pose (knees wide, seat towards heels)

Take a comfy pillow or stack of pillows, place it between your knees. You want them to support your belly, chest and head.


You should feel 100% supported and not straining. Take your time setting it up.

Make sure you spend equal time with each cheek to your pillow stack.

Listen to music you like. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a roommate, friend or loved one around, have them rub your back cuz you’re siiiiiick and it feels good.


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