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I cried at the gym

by practicewithdanielle

Real quick once – IF YOU LISTENED TO THIS  – please send me your feedback!

What did you like?
What do you want to see more of?
What surprised you?
What made you think?

I’m dying to know. It will make the next one better, faster, stronger.

Now, some follow ups.

Maya sent a bunch of amazing resources for all of us:

I had about 2,037 thoughts since we talked. The main one I wanted to add is this…

I actually think this works well in most relationships but it’s scary and therapy is the perfect place to try it! When you don’t know what to say, don’t know why you’re there, are nervous if it’s right for you, are scared of what to expect, feel like you’re a mess and clueless; JUST SAY THAT! Ideally therapy can be a place where you don’t have to edit your thoughts before formulating sentences. It takes a lot of work and courage to be so candid, but that’s really where the goods are, the rest is just a pretty covering that will eventually lead you there anyways.

The work is connecting to and sharing the underlying worries not presenting the worries on a platter with the perfect garnish.

On more logistical note:

Psychology Today s a huge online database of therapists. You can filter by insurance, interest area, location and more!

Common credentials you’ll see are:

People with masters degrees, MA or MS and then in specific disciplines.
LPC – licensed professional counselor
LMFT – licensed marriage and family therapist
LCSW – licensed clinical social worker

Training is slightly different in each but all 3 are great options for many types of counseling.

Then there are PHD and PsyD. Those guys have had more school either focusing on research, evaluation or a specific subset of psychology. Many do counseling just like the masters guys. Many will charge more than masters level.

Great options amongst all those and the difference between individuals is definitely greater than the difference amongst titles, if that makes sense. My therapist was a licensed social worker. I’m a licensed professional counselor. (Danielle note: mine was an LMFT)

There are also tons of people who are unlicensed therapists or more alternative, like a life coach. There are absolutely great professionals in that crowd, there’s just not a standard curriculum you can be certain of so variance is huge. More importantly, with how picky insurance companies are, you’re more likely to have success in billing insurance with a licensed person who has billed before. Many insurances won’t work with unlicensed people.

Well since Maya wrote today’s email 🙂 … I’ll just add one more resource was sent me in response to Wednesday’s email.

This woman is amazing.

Her YouTube channel is a library of information for someone interested in therapy but wants more info before diving in.

I can not tell you how much your responses mean to me. Someone already made me cry at the gym yesterday while I was reading their email.

Happy Friday folks.

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