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if you have the question, someone else has the question

by practicewithdanielle

I love this subject we’re on – therapy.

In a way, writing these emails has been a form of therapy for me. 

Talking about all the things I’m afraid people will find out about me, terrified me. But then I did it once…and then I did it more…

And now it’s like I can’t shut up 🙂

The best part has been you writing back to say “I feel that too”. 

I realize now, that by not saying the thing I want to say has been a disservice to people who may need to hear it.

Which is why if you’ve been thinking about therapy (or have gone!), you should let me know your thoughts around it.

I’m betting someone else needs to hear it.

I’ve been getting some amazing emails from all of you and CAN NOT wait for my convo with Maya tomorrow evening. 

Some examples:
– How do I find a therapist I “click” with?
– How does it work? Do I talk? Do they talk?
– I don’t have a serious mental health illness, should I still go?

You still have time to send any questions or topics my way. As promised, we’ll keep this confidential and won’t call you out by name.


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