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by practicewithdanielle

My brain is most active at night.

I get ideas for recipes. Or think about how I want to design my future kitchen. Or I go through the shit I have to do the next day. Or what I forgot to do that day. Or things I wish I said but didn’t say or wish I didn’t say but did.

The notes folder on my phone has gibberish I write down at midnight hoping to decipher it the next day.

I had a great idea for a newsletter last night and didn’t write it down. Not even gibberish.

This is going to bug me.

Instead, I’ll tell you the story of my new blog and why I’m keeping the name Practice With Danielle.

Applying for jobs in the past 15 or so years, I used to get really nervous seeing things under “qualifications” that I didn’t have.

Proficient in blah blah
Expert in so and so
Knowledge of bleep bloop

This past year, I realized most things I know how to do now – at one time – I did not know how to do them.

The hardest part is taking the first step. Making the choice to try the thing you either don’t want to do or are afraid to fail at.

Then once you do it, you’ve done it. 

Then you do it again, and you’re no longer a beginner. Then you do it a whole bunch more, and you’re good at it.
(Just scroll back through my Instagram to look at how far I’ve come with food photography)

It’s like this with cooking. And with yoga. And really most things.

This new blog will be a lot of recipes, some yoga things and also lots of the stuff I’ve been writing about already.

It’s all practice until we get good. And even then, it’s still just practice.

I believe the minute we think we’re experts, we stop trying. Get lazy and assume a certain level of praise/money/entitlement.

You see this in people who use to be famous. They expect to have the same level of glory without putting in the work they did when they first started out.

There’s that stupid tech phrase “iterate or die” but I like “keep practicing” better.

It’s just a reminder that we will fuck it up and we will get better.

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