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life would happen

by practicewithdanielle

When was the last time you felt truly bored?

Not – “I have to wait for my friend to get ready so I’m going to look at my phone for 30 minutes”.

I’m talking – didn’t look at your phone, didn’t open your computer, didn’t turn on the TV, didn’t turn on a podcast.

Guessing it’s been a while. Because it has for me.

I was chatting with my friend Susan the other day about the new show on Netflix Everything Sucks.

Make your arguments about the level of acting on the show but two things you can’t dispute:

  1. Music in the 90’s was dope as shit

  2. We had more adventures without the internet

I’m not here to talk about how the internet is ruining us all and we should turn it off. I know the internet has created new industries, provided jobs, made us smarter (sometimes) and helped us make friends around the world blah blah.

But it’s also making us more anxious. More insecure. Less adventurous. 

We text our friends instead of just showing up at their house to see if they wanna hang.

We stalk a boy/girl we like on dating apps before we sit down for a drink.

We ask 1000 strangers on yelp if the food is good instead of just giving it a shot.

We know all there is to know about everything because we can just ask Google.

By eliminating the “failure” of our planned activities, dates, dinners, lack of information, we become more afraid. And less willing to take risks.

Let’s just go with this theory for a minute. 

I’ve been paying attention to how I feel before during and after I pick up my phone. And I have to tell you it is not pretty. 

The FOMO (why is everyone having fun without me?)
The Anxiety (shit why did I post that, what will people think)
The Jealousy (I want that life/body/outfit)
The Guilt (omg I spent a WHOLE HOUR doing this?)

And that’s just social media. I can’t read news articles anymore. Even the ones I agree with.

It’s just all too much. All. The. Time.

Internet is great and all. But we are using it as a crutch. We use it to feel better in awkward situations or to avoid them all together. We’re taking the uncertainty out of ours lives because we have access to all the answers, all the time.

What would happen if we turned our phone off for an entire day?

Fuuuuuck just the thought gave me anxiety.

Ok so maybe not the whole day. What about starting with an hour. Then two. Then three.

What would happen if you didn’t have the world at your fingertips?

Life would happen. Life happens off the internet.

You’d probably…

  • Get lost because no google maps

  • Use your imagination or write something down

  • Be outside because it’s boring inside a house with no internet

  • Talk to a new person because you’re not looking at instagram in the grocery line

  • Stumble across something cool because you didn’t let Yelp tell you no first

Or maybe none of those things happen. But either way, I want you to try because I wanna hear if anything interesting happens.

#selfish I know, but honestly we could all use a little more adventure so play along with me.

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