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my practice was a crutch

by practicewithdanielle

I used to be really uptight about my yoga practice.

Like if I didn’t practice every few days I’d be a real nightmare to be around.

I had to go to specific teachers.

At specific studios.

I didn’t like to practice at home.
My practice had to be at least 60 minutes.

And in a heated room.

Or it didn’t “count”.

Count towards what you might ask? Making the yoga gods happy? It’s still unclear.

Turns out I was just using my practice as a crutch. A crutch to say look how evolved/flexible/yogic I am. I’m dedicated. Look how dedicated I am.

My practice today couldn’t be more different.

I spend more time on the internet finding teachers who teach me things. Not just preach the yoga texts as gospel.

I build strength and stability so I can do things outside the yoga room, not just in it.

I better understand that the “yoga” everyone keeps talking about actually has nothing to do with what your body is doing.

And I’m much more aware of how alienating a yoga studio can be for people who are new to it.

I made Hips Don’t Lie a few weeks ago.  I made it for all the reasons listed above.

And so many freaking people bought it I’m still kind of in shock.

Here’s what one person had to say about it:

I love these videos! I feel like everyone is in a huge rush to get to pigeon with no thought to how much damage can be done without any background info…I had a hip injury 2 years ago after an aggressive attempt to make my body do something it wasn’t ready for. I feel like your vids are gentle and slow yet very effective! The booty vid is killer.

If you still haven’t purchased, what are you waiting for? Buy it here. 

If you purchased and haven’t sent me your feedback – now’s the time! If you do this, you get my next thing for free.

I’ve already got an idea for my next set of videos, so get on this one before I make them and set the price higher.



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