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the third option

by practicewithdanielle

I’ve shared my big dream of teaching yoga and cooking all the time.

Part of this yoga dream includes finding creative ways to make money.

Yoga teachers make almost no money. 

That’s because most yoga teachers show up, teach a class at a studio and then go home. There’s nothing wrong with this. But the yoga studio model is not on the side of the teacher. The owner makes money, the teacher does not.

This is not always true, but it is mostly true.

The few yoga teachers who make money in this industry have either built a following over several years, sold out to the Alo Yoga’s of the world OR have learned to sell themselves and their products outside a classroom.

I like that third option.

You might have seen that I filmed Hips Don’t Lie last weekend. It’s a workshop I’m putting together and it’s a real live event happening next weekend in Boulder.

If you’re local – you should join us. It’s going to be a party.

Shakira will definitely be on the playlist.

Here’s who it’s for:

– People who have a home practice and want new ideas
– Studio yogis who want to mix it up
– Anyone who wants a little more movement in their days
– Teachers who want to spice up their sequences

You can sign up for the in-person workshop here. This is happening on May 5 (next Saturday).

You can purchase the filmed version here. I’m releasing this the same day as the in-person workshop. It’s $10, which is half the price of most studio classes.


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