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the wrong ladder

by practicewithdanielle

I’ve written about money and careers a lot.

It’s just on my mind all the time. 

This year has been a transition and insecurity shows up when I think about how much I “could” be making and where I “would” be had I not left the career path I was on.

Ya know, the coulda woulda story.

A few years ago when I was stressing about a promotion, a title change, a raise, my therapist reminded me that people will spend their whole lives climbing ladders in a race to get to the top.

Only to get to the top and realize they’d climbed the wrong ladder.


It took me a few more years to actually jump off the ladder and try a new one.

I was always jealous of people who knew which ladder they wanted. They had a “passion” and they followed it.

Follow your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life.

This is crap.

What if you don’t have a passion? Or it can’t make you money? Or you don’t want it to make you money? What if it’s really hard work? What if you have 100 passions?

And what if you haven’t identified your passion?

For most of us, not asking these questions means we’re doomed to work our asses off in a career we’re meh on until we save enough for….


…where we have enough time for our passions.

Does this feel backwards to anyone else?


This becomes stressful for me – thinking I had to pick something specific and follow it.

I have a lot of different interests, do I have to pick one up and put the other ones down until I have time to move onto the next?

I went insane this summer when all I had was yoga. I was looking for yoga jobs, starting a yoga business, going to two yoga classes a day and only following yoga people on instagram.

Overdosed on yoga. 

Because I can’t do it all the time, does this mean yoga isn’t my passion?

That doesn’t seem right either.

I just looked back and noticed there’s a lot of question marks in this email.

Clearly I’m still figuring this out.

Currently working on a new project that tries to incorporate all the things I love to do.

You’ll hear the experts tell you to find a niche, pick an audience and speak to them.

Fuck that.

I’m not editing my passions for anyone. 

Instead, what if we put our ideas and work out there and people who like it follow along – and those who don’t, go somewhere else?

I’m probably going to spend the rest of my life trying different ladders. At least I’ll have nice glutes.


PS. I put a new playlist up. It’s good for a 60 minute yoga flow or just listening to because music makes work more fun.

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